Discover Why Investing In Tree Plantations Is One Of The BEST Ways 
To Help Others Get Out Of Poverty By Creating Sustainable Jobs
From WaterDrop To Better Globe - My Personal Story:
Investing + Creating Jobs + Making A Difference = Dividends
Hi there! My name is Josh. I am extremely passionate about finding unique ways which provide long-term solutions to poverty-stricken communities. In the process of starting my previous company, WaterDrop, I realized that there had to be a better way to sell goods. This better way, is Better Globes. Over the years, I have been inspired by their operations and their goals of alleviating poverty and have decided to team up with them in changing lives.
Will You Join Me In Making A Difference?
Invest In Trees
Buy a tree for as low as $20 or consider buying a Donation Package for $60.
Create Sustainable Opportunities
Your investment goes to building plantations which hire local farmers and create job opportunities for rural communities.
Receive Dividends
Dividends will kick in between years 5-19 of your investment as this is when the tree is producing value.  You will receive 15% in dividends and in year 20, you will receive a payment of 10x your initial investment!
Watch The Video To See How
Better Globe Operates
Every tree makes an impact. Whether you decide to invest in one tree or a hundred you are making a difference. A decision to invest in trees is not only going to help communities in Africa but will also provide a source of income through dividends during years 5-19 following your initial investment.  This opportunity has helped others achieve financially freedom by diversifying their income.  The best part though, YOUR investment will create sustainable jobs that will lift, not only families but also communities, out of poverty.

So let me ask you a question, What are you waiting for?
Eradicating Poverty In Africa Through Crowd Funded Tree Planting
According to the World Wildlife Fund, over 50% of the world’s forests have been processed.  There are 48 football fields of forest cut down every minute. In Africa, only one new tree is planted for every 28 trees that are cut down.  

Almost one billion people in the world are living below the world banks “Extreme poverty” line of $1.25/day. Many of them live in Africa and about 80% of them are farmers, living in the rural areas.

There is a need for tree planting greatly at this time.
Why It Makes Sense
Better Globe arranges crowd-funded tree plantations on "useless" land, in the semi-desert of Africa where there are limited jobs and no infrastructure. 

Better Globes works with local farmers to plant cash crop trees on plantations. The most common ones are Mango trees, Acacia Senegal (produces Gum Arabic) and Mukau (Mahogany).

In order to plant trees and take care of your investment, Better Globe hires locals to work in the plantations. Better Globe has also worked with contract farmers, (i.e., people who have a piece of land that apply to take part of the program and plant trees to earn a bonus income for their household).  

In the rural areas around the plantations, Better Globe helps with water security.  They achieve this by creating water collecting systems on the roof of buildings or drilling for water. Better Globe also builds and renovates schools, as well as assists children in these areas, by creating the opportunity for education.   Better Globe cultivates a community and instills hope for many through these helpful initiatives.  

Through the microfinancing program, people in need apply for the chance to open up their own business or to invest in the family farm. The average loan is about $100 and because of this, thousands of businesses have been started up already, lifting people out of poverty.
Donation package costs 53€ (~$62) and are designed to fight poverty with full power
  • 2 trees that are planted in your name and will bring you income (416€ in total)
  • 2 trees that are given to communities in the semi desert areas of Africa which they get fruits and income to support jobs
  • 500 liters of water or equivalent are given to local communities
  •  1.5€ to repair and build new schools
  •  1.5€ for microfinancing so that farmers can take themselves out of poverty by growing their business or investing in the family farm
Sustainable Solutions For The Biggest Challenges
The trees are planted within Better Globe plantations, which creates jobs, in areas with very few jobs. In addition to planting trees, Better Globe installs water collecting systems in the communities surrounding the plantations.  This allows locals the opportunity to not have to walk for hours every day just to get clean drinking water. 

Education is very important to eradicate poverty, no country has ever taken its people out of poverty without educating them first. With the purchase of a donation package, you can contribute funds that are put towards renovating and building schools.

The last solution Better Globe provides is microfinancing.  The concept Muhammad Yunus pioneered and received the Nobel prize for in 2007. Microfinancing gives farmers in need the opportunity, of taking a loan, to invest in their family farm or open up a local business. 

The loans provided through microfinancing, help to increase family's income and get out of poverty. When the farmers becoming financially stable, they will need require workers.  Thus, creating more jobs,and creating more and more opportunities for others to get out of poverty as well.  

Not only are trees helping to providing an income for local communities they are also absorbing carbon dioxide. It is estimated that the emissions of an average family farm is 22-24 tons of CO2 per year. 12 donation packages will contribute to 48 trees being planted and 48 trees will in a lifetime absorb about 24 tons of CO2. 

On top of everything else, you will make a return on your investment! If you buy just one donation package per month for a year (12 DP) the returns will be just under 5000€ in total, about 10% average annual return, better than some stocks.
A Better Way To Invest
Better Globe believes that to make something sustainable long-term everyone has to become a winner in the process. Everyone that decides to invest will take part of the profits from the trees, making it a Win-Win.

The returns come from the sales of fruit, rubber, and hardwood. They pay out period is annually over a 20 year period. When you buy a tree, Better Globe will plant a seedling that over the coming 4 years will grow into a producing tree which will start creating fruit or rubber to sell. 

In the 5th year, the tree is big enough to start producing an income in turn, you, as an investor, get a share of the profits. Dividends of 15% are paid out annually every year from year 5 until year 19. 

On the 20th year, Better Globe buys back the tree for 10 times the initial price from investors. This is the time when they cut down the Mukau trees (Mahogany) and use it to make high quality furniture, parquet floors etc. 

The trees can be bought separately for 17€ (~$21) each or through a Donation Package. The return from the trees average about 14% per year, a total or 12 times your inital investment back over the 20 year period of tree ownership.

You can buy as many or as few trees and donation packages as you like!
  • How to Invest: Buy a Tree or Donation Package
  • Years 1-4: No Return, The trees are growing and not producing an income.
  • Years 5-19: Trees begin to produce fruit, as an investor, you begin to get 15% of your trees purchase price.
  •  Year 20: The tree is cut down and the timber is sold. The timber is sold and as an investor, you receive 10x you initial tree purchase price!
What Others Are Saying...
Lennart Gothe
Entrepreneur, Investor, Author
"I have been investing in Better Globe every year since 2006. In 2007 I went to visit the plantations in Kenya and that's when I realized that "this is for real". Since then, I have invested in thousands of trees for myself and my family. Today my 17 year old son is financially independent due to the returns from his trees"
Alina Lundberg
Coordinator and Mother of 3
"I have been investing in tress since 2008. My family and I think it's amazing that we can let our money grow in a way that helps so many people in the same time. I went to Africa to see the plantation and school with my own eyes, now I tell everyone I meet about this!"
Jan Bolmeson
Investor, Author, Financial Educator
"I started buying trees from Better Globe in 2007 and have visited the schools and plantation 3 times since then, the system really works and the impact that we are doing for these people is amazing"
Start Making A Difference Today...
One Donation Package a Month can make a life change not only for you 
but for the communitites, you are supporting.
Josh Weingart is an Ambassador for Better Globes. If you have questions please reach out to him directly at
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